What Have We Got to Lose By Asking Trump for Reparations?

What Have We Got to Lose By Asking Trump for Reparations?

Friday, January 20, 2017 will be the first day of Aquarius.  It is also the day that Donald Trump is sworn in as America's 45th President.

Each presidential inauguration coincides with Aquarius.  How do we make Trump's inauguration the dawning of an Age of Aquarius during which African-Americans receive reparations?  After all, 2019, the 400th anniversary of Africans being captured and brought to a British colony later named the United States of America, occurs during Trump's term.  If we want America to begin repairing the harms inflicted against African-Americans, then we need to ask the President.  Since we asked Obama and he did nothing, let's not assume Trump will do nothing too.  Let's at least ask him.

Below is the email I sent to President-Elect Trump today on https://www.greatagain.gov/:

Dear Donald Trump and Mike Pence,

As an African-American whose ancestors were enslaved, America was never truly great before, but it can be.  I'm not trying to take America to a Glory Day in the past.  I'm trying to take America to a Glory Day I see in its future.  This form won't permit long responses, so I'll be brief:

I envision massive rebranding in America.  In this rebranding, Trump sincerely apologizes for slavery and puts a reparations program in NASA in the form of a contract with Melanin Technology.  Via this contract with Melanin Tech, Americans with the most melanin, (people of African descent), will conduct experiments in their spiritual sciences in order to achieve what their ancestors, the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Dogon of Mali in West Africa, achieved; namely, to open stargates into folded space or wormholes.  In other words, African-Americans will be re-purposed to be space navigators and ambassadors.  Be mindful, though, that the purpose of opening the stargates is NOT to colonize other planets, because the karma of cause and effect would then dictate that other planets would colonize Earth. Nuclear weapons will not deter such an invasion.  The purpose is to expand space trade and travel so that America would have the funds for reparations, repairing the infrastructure, free healthcare, etc. 

If you're truly interested in being a President for everyone in America and doing something for blacks that the Democrats have thus far failed to do, then the Republicans can make good on the Emancipation promise of reparations, except this time, the 40 acres for African-Americans need not be on Earth.  (Some blacks still want the mule, too.)  If this idea interests you, please contact me immediately at 313-740-4644.  I would like for this reparations rebranding and space program to be implemented by 2019, the 400th anniversary of people of African descent being brought to a British colony that later became the United States.

Ideally, Trump and Pence will seek more information about this idea by inviting me to the inauguration.  No, I'm not a Republican.  I'm a member of the Green Party.  I voted for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.  However, as the President of the Reparations Labor Union, the union that will own 90% of Melanin Technology, I want my people to have reparations by the 400th anniversary.  Since Obama didn't do it, then maybe Trump will.  We have nothing to lose by asking.  We have not because we ask not.  

Just imagine the kind of Black History Month we'll have this February if President Trump answers "Yes".  This will truly be the dawning of our Age of Aquarius.

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