Vote Pledge 2018

The Reparations Labor Union and the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA sent questionnaires for the Reparations Slate to all candidates who shall be on the ballot for the August 7, 2017 Primary in Wayne County, Michigan.  Many candidates did not respond, but we will no longer be ignored!  We will no longer be bullied into voting our fears instead of our economic best interests!  Of those who did respond to our questionnaire, were a co-sponsor of H.R. 40, had signed our petition, or had taken a public position on reparations, then the following candidates were endorsed by Committee for the Reparations Slate:

Governor of Michigan:  Write in William (Bill) Cobbs in August 2018 and vote for Jennifer Kurland in November 2018

U.S. Senate: No Endorsement 

U.S. Congress for the 11th District: No Endorsement

U.S. Congress for the 12th District: No Endorsement

U.S. Congress for the 13th District: Coleman Young II

U.S. Congress for the 14th District: Brenda Lawrence

Michigan Senate District 1: No Endorsement

Michigan Senate District 2: LaMar Lemmons 

Michigan Senate District 3: Anita Belle

Michigan Senate District 4: Fred Durhal

Michigan Senate Districts 5-7: No Endorsement

Michigan Representative District 1: No Endorsement

Michigan Representative District 2: Dual Endorsement for Carol Banks and Willie Bell

Michigan Representative Districts 3: No Endorsement

Michigan Representative District 4: Diane McMillan

Michigan Representative District 5: Cynthia A. Johnson

Michigan Representative District 6: Dual Endorsement for Willie Burton and Tom Choske

Michigan Representative Districts 7: No Endorsement

Michigan Representative District 8: Sherry Gay Dagnogo

Michigan Representative District 9: Gary Pollard

Michigan Representative Districts 10-23: No Endorsement

Wayne County Executive: No Endorsement

Wayne County Commissioner Districts 1-4: No Endorsement

Wayne County Commissioner District 5: Michelle Broughton

Wayne County Commissioner District 6: Monique Baker McCormick

Wayne County Commissioner District 7: Alisha Bell

Wayne County Commissioner Districts 8-15: No Endorsement


If you live in a district in which a candidate has expressed strong support for reparations, you are solemnly urged to vote the single-issue of reparations as if your life depends on it (because it does)! Vote the Reparation Labor Union's Reparations Slate!

Who's pledging

Michael Pan
Bridgette Freeman
Eric Linculn
Ann Smith
Akilah Graham
Yes I support Reparations Labor Union.
I might support Reparations Labor Union, tell me more.
No I do not support Reparations Labor Union.

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    I do not have transportation so it's difficult for me to get around. However, I have a laptop and Smartphone. Perhaps I can assist from home.
  • Eric Linculn
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