The Unholy Trinity of Oil, Drugs, and Guns

The Unholy Trinity of Oil, Drugs, and Guns

In today’s Exodus Love Letter, I promised my sweetheart that I would spill some beans and stop beating around the bush.  I have to beat the bush.  So here goes.  This might be too long for one blog post, so expect a series.

On the surface, you may what does an oil pipeline have to do with reparations?  Or getting cursed for oppressing black people?  I might sound crazy.  But everything is not what it seems.

There is an unholy trinity between oil, illegal drugs, and guns: Oil is one of the premier drug-smuggling and money-laundering fronts.  The illegal drugs and guns end up in segregated black neighborhoods so that gang members can kill each other, black innocent bystanders, or go to prison.  The real drug kingpins are NOT black gangsta rappers.  They're just pawns.  The real drug kingpins are oil barons.  And a lot of other people who will surprise you.

Anita, you just made a stinging allegation!  Where is your evidence? 

I tried to present some of the evidence in the lawsuits, The Nicaraguan Contras Narcotics Trafficking Litigation.  Allow you to give a brief history of what is explained in more detail in my book “Revealing Mistaken Identities”, available for $5 online at :

In 1996, Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News published investigative journalism about the CIA’s role in importing illegal drugs into California’s segregated black neighborhoods.  (Yesterday, I wrote that Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article, “The Case for Reparations”, is required reading.  See  In Coates’ investigative journalism report, he indicted the U.S. Government for its role in housing segregation and the number of blacks plundered of their homes in the recent foreclosure crisis.  Racial segregation in housing is very important for the illegal drug trade.)  Webb later expanded on his newspaper articles into a book, The Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion.  This book has recently been adopted into the movie “Kill the Messenger”, released in 2014.  Watch the movie trailer below. 

In 2004, Gary Webb committed “suicide” by shooting himself in the head.  Twice. 

Another “suicidal” guy connected to the issue of the CIA importing drugs into America’s black neighborhoods was John Millis, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff director and former CIA agent that served under Congressman Porter Goss, (FL-R), another CIA agent.  Goss chaired the committee overseeing the congressional investigation of the CIA.  Millis committed “suicide” in 2000 after Goss’ sham investigation found the CIA not guilty of any wrongdoing.  As a reward for his cover-up, President George W. Bush appointed Goss as CIA director in 2004.  Goss left the CIA directorship in disgrace in 2005.  He’s now back in Congress, going after Congresswoman Maxine Waters, (CA-D), for alleged ethics violations.  It’s not a coincidence that Maxine Waters was the congresswoman who demanded that the CIA be investigated for deliberately drugging her constituents.

How often has “suicide” been the official cause of death to cover up assassinations?  Of course, if I commit “suicide”, Canada will be in trouble for denying my refugee claim and sending me back to a country that violates human rights.  But I digress…

Webb published the Dark Alliance articles about the CIA’s California drug connection in 1996.  Blacks protested against the CIA in California.  Maxine Waters, congresswoman for black constituents in Los Angeles, called for an investigation of the CIA.  Mind you, Bill Clinton was President at the time.  In 1998, he declassified a secret memorandum of understanding between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the CIA in which the CIA asked the DOJ to not prosecute CIA agents and “independent contractors” for their drug dealing.  

No good deed goes unpunished: Although the declassified document incriminating the CIA for drugging and poisoning American citizens should have been the scandal, instead, Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was exposed and scandalized.  Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998, the same year that he declassified the incriminating document about the CIA, ostensibly on charges involving his handling of the Lewinsky affair.  However, a two-thirds vote of 67 Senators was required to remove Clinton from office.  The Republicans had a majority in the Senate, that is, 55 Senators, but no Democratic Senators voted for impeachment.  Consequently, Clinton remained President, but the showdown was on for the next Presidential election in 2000.

Meanwhile, California attorneys used the declassified document to file lawsuits against the CIA.  I was practicing law in Florida.  A friend of mine, Angela Wright, heard about the California lawsuits on the radio and contacted me.  I contacted the California attorneys asking how I could help.  Bill Simpich, one of the California attorneys, said I should start my own.  So I did.  In Florida.  However, because I was concerned that blacks in other states affected by illegal drugs would lose their right to sue the CIA because of the possible imposition of a one-year statute of limitation deadline, I contacted black radio stations to talk with their listeners about filing similar lawsuits in these states.  This is how I became the attorney for lawsuits against the CIA filed in Maryland, Louisiana, Washington DC, New York, and North Carolina, in addition to Florida and my home state of Michigan.  (A case was almost filed in Aurora, Colorado, but that’s another long story.)  The lawsuits were consolidated as the Nicaraguan Contras Narcotics Trafficking Litigation.

At the same time that Florida was going through the hanging chad election debacle in 2000, at the same time that Jeb Bush was governor of Florida and helped his brother rig the 2000 Presidential election, I was suing the CIA for drugs deliberately imported into black neighborhoods that ended up hurting all Americans, regardless of race.  My cases implicated a former CIA director named George H.W. (a.k.a. “Poppy”) Bush.  Suffice it to say, it was no accident that the war on drugs started by the first President Bush turned into a war on black people, using drugs to incarcerate blacks into prison slavery.  Suffice it to say, if law enforcement were allowed to prosecute the real drug kingpins, the world may be surprised which white men would be locked up.  But the Bush Family is headquartered in Texas.  Texas isn’t known for drugs.  It’s known for oil.

My cases were about cocaine, but heroin has made a resurgence.  Why?  Because the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.  Supposedly, Osama bin Laden attempted to knock down the World Trade Center in 1993.  This should have alerted the CIA of his terrorist propensities.  Supposedly, Osama bin Laden bombed the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998.  Then, on September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden masterminds a second attack on the World Trade Center.  Now, the war on terror is declared.  But that war on terror is used as the excuse for invading Afghanistan.  What’s in Afghanistan, besides oil and a desire to build a pipeline for transporting that oil?  Poppies.  Heroin and opium come from poppies.

Afghanistan led the world in heroin and opium production until the Taliban ruled, in 2000, that growing poppies was un-Islamic.  The Taliban banned poppy farming in the areas that they controlled, thus resulting in a 75% reduction in the world’s heroin supply.  The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, under Poppy Jr., deposed the Taliban, and allowed heroin to flow freely again.  Along with the oil.    

Whatever happened to the Nicaraguan Contras’ Narcotics Trafficking Cases?  They were dismissed.  The appeals were dismissed.  I physically ran a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court during the same time as the Florida election debacle.  Dismissed.  Meanwhile, my family and I kept having car accidents around my court deadlines.  And I was going through disbarment proceedings.  And I was forced to move four times within a year, two of those moves being cross-countries.  I ended up back to Detroit from Florida.  I was being de-stabilized by racist COINTELPRO tactics.  After the seventh car accident, when a mechanic told me that my car’s brake line was deliberately severed, I crossed Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge in 2003 and sought political asylum in Canada.  Although Canada found that the human rights violations that happened to me were “irregular”, my refugee claim was denied in 2006.  A denied refugee claim means that Canada deemed I wouldn’t be in danger if I returned to the United States.  Let’s see if Canada is right.  My reaction to Canada’s denial of my refugee claim was to run away to Israel for a few months, but family emergencies forced me to return to the United States via Canada.  Canada deported me in 2007.  The next thing you know, in 2008, America elects its first black President.  Supposedly, there’s no more racism in America.  But everything is not as it seems.

Fast forward to 2014: Afghanistan isn’t the only example of the marriage made in hell between oil, drugs, and guns.  President Obama and environmentalists may have climate change reasons for opposing the Keystone Pipeline, but my interest converges with theirs when it comes to the pipeline leading to environmental racism.  Environmental racism is that the pipeline will lead to more pollution, but not just of the air, water, and soil.  That pipeline could lead to more drugs flooding segregated black neighborhoods, thus leading to the incarceration of more African-Americans.  Just like those seeking to save the environment, I’m trying to save mine.  Enough is enough! 

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