The Judgment of Climate Change

The Judgment of Climate Change

What did I write my sweetheart in today's love letter?  I told him:

Thanks to a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision called "Citizens United", the Congress coming in January 2015 will be the best that money can buy!  Literally. 

Special interests groups related to oil barons like the Koch Brothers and Exxon Mobil spent more than $59 million to make sure that Members of Congress vote in favor of the Keystone Pipeline.  See .  The pipeline promises jobs.  "Good" jobs.  And they are telling the truth.  Jobs will be available, the job of digging your own grave. 

The lame duck Senate voted against the Keystone Pipeline.  If it had passed, President Obama promised to veto it.  The incoming Congress, controlled by a Republican majority, vowed a second Keystone Pipeline vote.  The Republicans have enough votes to pass it, but if the Democrats remain united, the Republicans do not have enough votes to override a Presidential veto.  

What does the Keystone Pipeline have to do with reparations?

There is an old saying, "As in the natural, so in the spiritual.  And vice versa."  In yesterday's blog, we talked about reparations being part of the prophecy of Genesis 15.  So is judgment upon those who enslaved and oppressed Abraham's children.  The climate change we're witnessing is part of the judgment.  The Keystone Pipeline would make the climate change judgment worse.  Much worse.

If climate change is part of God's Judgment because of the enslavement and oppression of Abraham's children, then what is happening via climate change?

  1. It is getting warmer at the North and South Poles of the Earth, which is melting the glaciers.  The melted glaciers increase the volume of the oceans.  This can cause flooding on the coasts.  Imagine the East Coast of the United States and Western Europe under water.
  2. We are witnessing the polar vortex of the North Pole moving south.  What does this mean?  It means that I'm in Detroit.  Last winter was the worst winter on record.  We got the most snow in recorded history.  But that was last year.  Will this year be worse?  It's cold and snowing right now.  We have reached record low temperatures, and it's only November.  Winter doesn't officially start for more than a month.
  3. While places, like the Great Lakes Region, are getting icy cold, California is hot and dry.  Too dry.  The West Coast, already vulnerable to earthquakes, is now experiencing a record drought.  The state has already experienced horrific fires. 

More examples are available, but just imagine if both the heavens and the earth witness against America.  What if climate change meets an extended blackout due to a solar flare?  What is an extended blackout due to a solar flare?  Listen to this recording of City College of New York Theoretical Physics Professor Michio Kaku.

If an extended blackout occurs during a winter in which the polar vortex extends over much of the continental United States, then people will be evacuating south toward South America in order to escape the cold.  They won't even know that the nuclear plants are melting down.  The shortage of food, water, and heat could kill them before nuclear radiation.  It will be ironic to see how South Americans greet North Americans.  Will they shut down their borders to the flood of immigrants?  Payback is a mother...

This could be America's Judgment in response to "The Case for Reparations".  This is the epic article written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and published in the May edition of The Atlantic.  A copy of the article appears here: . The article should be required reading for everyone, not just blacks.  After all, whites should know why they are being judged by God.  Ta-Nehisi Coates' article is the indictment. 

I'm Jewish, but Christians can be judged by their own Scriptures.  In James 2:13, the New King James Version reads, "For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment."  

Mercy can triumph over judgment by America adopting the Reparations Labor Union's proposal for voluntary reparations raised through a National Jubilee Lottery.  After the law is enacted, white Americans can buy as many lottery tickets as each can individually afford.  The vision is to raise $2-3 trillion for reparations, disbursed by the Reparations Labor Union, beginning in 2019. 

There is a cost to mercy, but if America whines that mercy is expensive, try judgment: At the moment this blog post is being written, the U.S. national debt is approaching $18 trillion.  Mind you, this national debt does not include a minimum compensation of $50,000 to each of approximately 40 million African-American descendants of slaves.  If no payment on the debt to the slaves' descendants is arranged before America's 400th anniversary of its involvement in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, how much would more would America's judgment of climate change and solar flares cost?

Mercy is a bargain, compared to judgment.

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