Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

I am the attorney for the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Cases, the lawsuits that sued America's Central Intelligence Agency for deliberately importing illegal drugs for distribution through segregated black neighborhoods and causing harm to all Americans.  I am also the President of the Reparations Labor Union.  (When asked why should black people today receive reparations for slavery, I ask which slavery, the one that took place 150+ years ago, and/or the one going on right now?)  

The human rights of people of African descent in the United States are being violated.  We've taken our case through the courts.  When I sent the case to the United Nations International Court of Justice, and it arrived on September 11, 2001 (yes, that same September 11th!), I was informed that only a nation-state that signed the United Nations' anti-genocide treaty could represent the plight of African-Americans in the World Court.  I informed Canada when I sought political asylum there in 2003-2006.  I've since written the Israeli ambassador, the Russian ambassador, and ambassadors of numerous African nations.  No response permitting blacks refugee status.  After all, America isn't just 50 states and a few territories.  America is an empire with 800 military bases in at least 135 countries, and thus has control or influence in 70% of the nations on this planet.  Who dares take on this Empire and charge them with black genocide?  

Thankfully, I've discovered that my DNA descends from the Nile Valley, so I've been learning the traditions of my East African ancestors.  Although my official religion is Judaism, because some of my DNA is also Sephardic, my mitochondrial DNA from Ethiopia descends further back than 6000 years.  I am traveling back in time all the way back to Egypt where I am discovering the real Sion, the Sion that is a portmanteau or mashword of Sirius (Isis/Auset) and Orion (Osiris/Ausar).  I am discovering the similarities between Hebrew and the Medu Neter, the language of the Egyptians that the Greeks called hieroglyphics.  My DNA also descends from the Great Kingdom Mali in West Africa and the Dogon, the people who have long held that beings from Sirius visited Earth.  I, along with my ancestors who sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" are asking for the "angels", the extraterrestrials from SiOn, (Sirius and Orion), to swing low and deliver us from our enemies.


This is hard because it challenges the Adam and Eve creationism of Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions and the we-all-descend-out-of-Africa theory of modern science: Are people of African descent merely the first humans on Earth, but we're not from Earth?  Are we actually from Sirius and Orion?  Is this why angels will swing low in a sweet chariot, the Merkabah, to carry us home to Sion?  But for their Neanderthal DNA, are whites also from another planet?  Are people of East Asian descent also not native to Earth?  Are the Neanderthal the only ones native to Earth, but were unable to survive their own planet?

Will it take angels or extraterrestrials visiting this planet again for Earthlings to re-calibrate our beliefs of being the only intelligent life in the Universe/Multiverse?  Indeed, will it take such visitations for us to realize that we might not be as intelligent as we think?

Suppose while people of African descent were in chains in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and brutally colonized in Africa and elsewhere on Earth, these people sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot".  Our spirituals are so entertaining to white people.  They thought we were singing for death to come and take us to heaven.  No, we're asking to be taken to the heavens, and not necessarily after we died.   

In Hebrew, the word for "chariot", particularly the Divine Chariot of God as referred to in Ezekiel 1, is Merkabah.  Merkabah is a feminine noun in Hebrew.  However, in the Medu Neter of Kemet/Egypt, Merkabah is a portmanteau or mashword:

   Mer-a pyramid of rotating or ascending and descending light/energy



In Kemet/Egypt, the Merkabah looked like what is now called the Star of David.

 Merkabah-Star of David

A central tenet of Judaism is that God chose the children of Israel to enslave the children of Ham and take their land and everything that belonged to the children of Ham because of Noah's so-called curse on Ham.  (See Genesis 9.)  Of course, Ham is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew word חָם, a word that can also be pronounced as Kam in English.  Hebrew, like the Medu Neter in Egypt, is generally written without vowels.  Because vowels were sacred in Egypt, vowels were interchangeable depending on the local dialect.  Thus, Kam can also be Kem for Kemet, the name the ancient Egyptians called their own land.  Although Kam or Ham in Hebrew means "hot", Kemet and Kam means "black".  Is it a coincidence that Africa, the Biblical homeland of the children of Ham, was hot and black?  Is it also a coincidence that Kabbalah, a feminine noun which means "to receive" in Hebrew, was perhaps received from the ancient Egyptians?  Kabbalah, in the Medu Neter of Kemet/Egypt, means "Spirit and Soul of the Eternal".

It's time revise the notion of God's chosen people to align with the science and culture of those who have pineal glands that contain the most melanin.  The pineal gland has been called the seat of the soul, the place wherein melanin, melatonin, and DMT, (dimethyltryptamine), are produced.  DMT has been called the "spirit molecule", the chemical that makes a person feel one with or aligned with God.  Scientific research has found that people of European descent have pineal glands that calcify the fastest, so fast that white supremacist scientist once considered the pineal gland as a vestigial or unnecessary organ.  Consequently, the speed and degree of pineal calcification directly correlated to the amount of melanin in one's skin, eyes, hair, and other external organs.  See https://www.africaresource.com/sci-tech-a-business/genetics/483-pineal-gland-a-cognitive-advantage-for-africans.  People of African descent, therefore, have the genetic ability to become one with the God of the Universe/Multiverse on a magnetochemical level.  We must use this gift, this ability to explore swinging low the Merkabah, the sweet chariot of God.

For those who have ears to hear this, let them hear: Enslaved African-Americans sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" while working in the fields.  Our ancestors in the Sirius and Orion star systems may have heard our distress signal.  They may have dispatched help.  However, Sirius is 8 light years away from Earth.  A rocket traveling 40,000 mph will take 296,000 years to reach the Sirius star system.  We need a wormhole or stargate to open in order to drastically shorten the time it takes to journey from Sirius to Earth.  Melanin Technology Company theorizes that melanin is key to creating wormholes and stargates out of ascending and descending pyramids of black holes.  Indeed, we must open these space portals in order for our ancestors, our allies from the Sirius star system, to reach people of African descent before our genocide is a fait accompli.    

 Rocket through a Wormhole

For more information about aligning our pineal melanin with God and creating wormholes, stay tuned for more courses on http://www.melanintech.com.

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  • Anita Belle
    commented 2017-03-09 07:42:27 -0500
    I pray that the chariots from SiOn will contact me to conduct treaty negotiations.