An Intergalactic Revolution

An Intergalactic Revolution

On November 8, 2016, the oligarchy's rigged elections in America selected Donald Trump as President-Dictator.  Trump allegedly has a good relationship with Russia's Vladimir Putin.  Allegedly, President Obama sent Vice President Joe Biden to Russia earlier in 2016 to warn Russia that extraterrestrials will invade Earth in 2017.  See  Is the goal of the two superpowers to work together to defend Earth?  But defend Earth from what?

Putin and Trump on a horse

First of all, the extraterrestrials are not coming.  They're already here.  They have not "attacked".  They are in stealth mode, hidden from our vision and detection.  

Secondly, when the extraterrestrials that are here manifest themselves, as they can do, it would be revealed that they are blacks' angelic allies, coming to fight the white supremacy that enslaved and exploited Africans and is now threatening blacks with genocide.  In other words, the extraterrestrials allies are here to help defend blacks from the intensification of the race war that has been waged against them for centuries.

I've been asked why these extraterrestrials allies did not come and intervene when whites began enslaving Africans during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  As above, so below.  The race war is intergalactic and interdimensional because Aryan whites are not indigenous to planet Earth.  I began writing about this in "Revealing Mistaken Identities", the book available now on Amazon.


In order for whites to have "conquered" blacks on Earth, they had to do likewise in the heavens.  This is what prevented our extraterrestrial allies from helping us sooner; namely, because they were fighting their own battle.  However, the blacks in the heavens gained their freedom and are chasing the white invaders throughout the Multiverse to prevent them from doing to others as the whites have done to them.  Consequently, America and Russia are teaming up to maintain the status quo of white alien supremacy on Earth.  It therefore follows that the intensified race war will be intergalactic and interdimensional.

The secret to how whites conquer is that they somehow deceived the conquered into believing that they are gods.  Accordingly, religion has a lot to do with maintaining the status quo of white alien supremacy.  It therefore follows that the secret to freeing ourselves from white alien supremacy, both above and below, is to NOT worship whites' religions.  This is freeing our pineal glands, the seat of our soul, the area of our brains that makes us closer to the one true God.  Once our pineal gland is free, we can begin seeing spiritually with our third eye.

Today's vision is that she was right: A blind, old Bulgarian woman, Baba Vanga, prophesied before she died in 1996 that the 44th President of the United States would be a black man, but he would be the last President of the United States.  See  Barack Obama may be forced to disclose that there are extraterrestrials among us if the ones coming as blacks' messiahs manifest themselves before Obama leaves office.  As Commander-in-Chief of America's armed forces, Obama may declare a national emergency of such great importance that he will need to extend his Presidency.  

Baba Vanga, Obama, and an ET

Of course, by extending his Presidency, whites will rebel.  This will be a civil war that prompts Obama to institute martial law.  However, herein lies the secret of today's vision: The newly manifested extraterrestrials will fight with Obama against the white alien extraterrestrials that will fight with Trump.  America and Europe may be foreclosed in the process, ending their governments as we currently know them, but this is the consequence of their refusal to pay blacks reparations and their denying blacks real freedom.  The war ends with the majority of the white alien supremacists, the non-repentant ones, being rounded up and incarcerated/enslaved on other planets where their bodies will be used for water and energy.   

Although things must get worse before they get better, the result of the intergalactic world race war is that blacks will usher in the the Age of Aquarius.  Not all whites will be non-repentant and miss this great age of love, peace, and prosperity.  Some will enjoy this too.  Indeed, those that helped blacks will.  Examples of two groups who historically helped blacks by advocating for freedom and reparations are the Quakers and the Green Party.  it is not too late for more whites to repent so that they can take part in the Age of Aquarius, an age characterized by space trade and travel. 

Another secret of white alien supremacy is to put its trust in its guns and other weapons.  However, the extraterrestrials hiding in stealth are able to snuff out nuclear weapons.  This is one reason why whites will lose their race war.

Freeing the third eye is good for knowing the end at the beginning.  Free your third eye, your pineal gland.  Take Revolution 101 at  Lesson 1 is free.


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