Plasma Strike Details

Melanin, the black/brown color in skin, hair, and eyes, is part of the immune system and blood. This immune system creates antibodies to viruses. The antibodies travel throughout the body in blood plasma. This plasma is then used as part of the treatment for the coronavirus and the vaccine. Our plasma and all derivative products should be reserved for our loved ones. Instead, blacks receive receive substandard health care treatment.

Blacks' blood, sweat, tears, and body are reparations products. Blacks' plasma is a reparations product. Blacks should be paid and our plasma and placentas banked accordingly. Because our bodies heal, the Black Plasma Strike dances the Jerusalema for peace instead of race war and civil war. Consequently, the Black Plasma Strike seeks that reparations and our other demands be addressed in the next coronavirus stimulus package.

Black Plasma Strikes will take place on Area Code Days starting in March 2021. Anita Belle will be in:

Denver on 3/03 at CSL Plasma, Hoffman Heights Shopping Center, 690 Peoria in Aurora, Colorado.

Detroit on 3/13: Location TBA

Los Angeles on 3/23: Location TBA





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