Our strength is in solidarity.  

There are approximately 50 million people of African descent in the United States alone.  We don't need each one of them to unify on our reparations' agenda.  Our critical mass goal is 50,000 members by Reparations Awareness Day, February 25, 2022. However, Reparations Labor Union membership isn't restricted to African-Americans.  People of African descent from anywhere on Earth are encouraged to join, yet our organizing target is America's "blackest" city, Detroit, Michigan.  

Join the Reparations Labor Union so that we can endorse and provide financial support to political candidates and ballot initiatives that align with our reparations' agenda.  JoJoin the Reparations Labor Union so that we can finance Melanin Biotech Productions and “Exodus to Mars”. Membership costs only $1 per month. Give the gift of annual ($12) membership to someone in your household. Join the Reparations Labor Union now!

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  • Johnny Stringfield
    followed this page 2019-03-04 00:46:51 -0500
  • Mark Buchanan
    commented 2018-05-22 21:23:42 -0400
    I will most definitely be a part of this!
  • Linda James
    commented 2017-12-01 00:04:32 -0500
    members would profit from visiting: American Blacks serving in the United Nations, Nancy Pelosi asked John Conyers not to present HR40 anymore, the United Nations Human Rights Commission demanded the United States pay reparations to Black Americans, the U S government continues to refuse such payments, the problem no on wants to address or mention is Native Americans were enslaved before any Africans were brought to the Americas, we are the Native Americans, not African slaves.