Got Melanin? Earn Bank!

Got Melanin? Earn Bank!


The King of Mars says \

Braxton Vanzant Davis plays the King of Mars, coming through the Detroit Stargate, with Melanin Super Powers.

This proposal was initially made to NCOBRA-National, but the organization's leadership responded that the project was beyond its budget capabilities. I then forwarded the project to the Detroit Reparations Task Force as a means of generating reparations through economic development. Even though items of the proposal are very time-sensitive, I have been asked to be patient until the task force is better organized. Meanwhile, deadlines are passing while others are profiting off of our melanin.

If time is money, I can't afford to let deadlines pass, so I'm selling my house to raise money to make the Melanin Bank Proposal a reality. Buy my house now, for $1 million USD, at Unfortunately, because I will be homeless, the Melanin Bank wouldn't be in Detroit. I would take it with me to Africa.

See the Melanin Bank proposal below.

N’COBRA Project Planning Guide

Authorizing N’COBRA Unit: Anita Belle of NCOBRA-Detroit in partnership with the Reparations Labor Union, Melanin Biotech, the Urban Information Network (UIN) and the Detroit Reparations Task Force

(To be used for project planning for Regions, Commissions, Chapters and National projects)

Project Name: The International Melanin Bank (aka The Red Ankh)

  1. Project Purpose (What is the primary reason you want to successfully run this project?) 

The primary purpose of this project is to conduct a feasibility study of how to start a blood bank that extracts plasma and melanin reparations products for self-reparations. This reparations product will generate reparations by prioritizing supply of our melanin products to individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments that pay reparations to people of African descent.  

    2. How does this project relate to the goals of the organization? 

This project relates to the goal of the NCOBRA organization by freeing people of African descent to control the flow of their blood and blood products outside of their bodies so that our blood, sweat, or tears are no longer enslaved. This project seeks self-reparations for the theft of our blood, sweat, and tears by controlling the cost and distribution of a reparations product, melanin.

    3. What are the specific goals to be accomplished by this project: (Use specific numbers, etc.) 

A modest $150,000.00 grant funds a research feasibility study of how much it would cost to open a black-owned blood and plasma bank to collect melanin and distribute our products first to reparations-paying individuals and organizations. The grant includes presenting the research findings for investment and implementation at a Worldwide Melanin Exchange Convention in Detroit during DRAD 2024 (weekend of February 23-25, 2024. To view DRAD 2023, visit .) The convention will seek to unite melanated people so that our blood is not taken for granted anymore but is instead properly compensated. (The melanin exchange convention portion of DRAD 2024 should include collaboration with people descending from the Asian subcontinent containing India.)

Melanin is the pigment that colors hair, skin, and eyes. Eumelanin is black or brown. Melanin can be derived from blood and blood plasma, the liquid portion of blood discovered by Dr. Charles Drew. Melanin nanotechnology is used for vaccines and cancer treatments. Melanin trades at $450 to $1100 per gram, but how much is paid to the blacks who produce the healing melanin? Very little. Until we form our own Melanin Bank. In this way, we’re not depriving the world of healing. We’re just receiving our fair share of the profits by controlling the fair trade of our bodies. Our bodies are literally more precious than gold, yet we can’t afford to altruistically give away cells to others who not only insult us by stealing all the profit, they also continue to injure and oppress us. A Melanin Bank is a means of economic non-violent self-defense, self-reparations, and fiscal Afrofuturism. It is estimated that at $500 per collection of only 300 donations will reimburse the expense for this grant $150,000.

     4. What are the specific manpower assignments: (Show names and duties) 

Anita Belle will be the project director tasked with researching and developing the business model for an international melanin bank and reparations convention to be held in Detroit during Black History Month 2024, the concluding year of the International Decade of People of African Descent.

     5.What materials and supplies will be needed? 

We begin the formation of a Melanin Bank like a blood bank. This bank specializes in deriving melanin from blood, plasma, and tissues. Required materials and supplies include expertise from medical and engineering professionals consulting with legal and economic advisers. The Detroit Reparations Task Force may also be able to contribute expertise, particularly in the area of land development. The final supply is that this partnership must be nonprofit, such as through NCOBRA and the Reparations Labor Union/Melanin Biotech Company, in order for the goal to be reparations to people of African descent. This type of distribution of wealth is patterned more so after African Ujamaa than American capitalism.

     6. What community resources will be used? 

Belle founded Melanin Biotech as a Michigan corporation that is majority owned by the Reparations Labor Union and its members. Melanin Biotech can be used to start a Melanin Bank in Detroit in a public-private partnership. The partnership can explore which state and federal laws need to be changed to maximize the success of this reparations-generating economic activity. Belle has already started the process of using Afrofuturistic superheroes to encourage reserving our melanin and blood plasma for self-reparations: The king of Mars, coming through the Detroit stargate, declares “Melanin is my superpower.” He looks like a black man from Detroit. This begs the question: Is melanin our superpower? Yes it is, sun-kissed children of Ra.

     7. What problems do you anticipate needing to overcome to successfully complete this project?

I anticipate the usual male and Democratic Party COINTELPRO attempts to block, sabotage, or steal the idea and dilute the implementation of an idea from a black woman in the Green Party. I caution that such tactics ultimately benefit white grandmasters. For example, I seek the Green Party’s nomination for President. (See Even though a third party presidential candidate has slim chances of winning, and even though it behooves NCOBRA to run its own reparations candidates rather than lobby candidates that do not advocate for reparations, I may be asked to resign leadership positions in the reparations movement simply because I have declared candidacy. I advocate that whatever bylaw that encourages NCOBRA members to NOT seek office to enact reparations be stricken at the next annual meeting. Conversely, I agree to resign from serving as female co-chair of a Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA when I am elected President so that there would be no appearance of bias when I sign a federal executive order for reparations. 

     8. List the specific steps to be taken to bring this project to a successful completion. Show the approximate date for each step. 

The National Society of Black Engineers will meet 3/22-26/23 in Kansas City, MO. This event is occurring too soon to attend this year but will be prepared for next year. If money were to be made available in time to attend, the trip would cost approximately $3000.

Deadline by 4/13/23: Register to speak at the National Black Economic Development Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 8/24-26/23. (Estimated cost to attend $2000)

Deadline 4/13/23: Register for the National Bar Association’s Mid-Year Conference in Louisville, KY (estimated cost to attend $3000)

Deadline 4/15/23: Register for the International Pigment Cell Conference in Bilboa, Spain (estimated cost to attend $5500/person). 

5/30/23-6/2/2023: Attend the International Pigment Cell Conference in Spain

Deadline 6/14/23: Early Registration for the National Medical Association Convention in New Orleans, LA (estimated cost $3000/person)

6/22/23: Present interim report to NCOBRA Convention in Richmond, California. (Estimated cost to attend is $2000)

7/29/23-8/2/23: National Medical Association Convention in New Orleans

8/24-26/23: National Black Economic Development Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Deadline 9/10/23: Submit written progress report to NCOBRA and all cosponsors

     9. Complete the proposed budget showing all anticipated income and expenses 

(see budget format attached)

Huntington Place Convention Center Riverview Ballroom and prefunction area for 800 people for DRAD 2024, cost TBD but food court is available with alcohol license.

Charles Wright Museum of African American History GM Theatre and Ford Atrium for 300 people, cost $30,000 (without food or alcohol) or $100 per person attending in-person DRAD 2024.

Film crew for livestreaming, recording, and editing of DRAD 2024: $3000

Travel to build network for an international melanin bank: $18,500.00

Consultant fees: $50,000

Melanin Bank business licensing costs: (estimated) $48,500.00. See , , and See also

It’s anticipated that much of the budget for forming the Melanin Bank will be paid for professional/consultant services from those met during travel to conferences.

Total budget: $150,000.00

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