Melanin Energy

Melanin Energy

From the May 2019 newsletter, an idea for self-reparations through Melanin Tech's melanin energy.

Pictured above is a Venn Diagram of Time, Space, and Money.  The old adage is that time is money.  This isn't really true.  Money is merely a form of energy.  Specifically, money is a form of energy that monetizes time.  The monetization of time is part of the reason why blacks' labor/work/energy of a lifetime was stolen.  However, imagine the power of the same people who use their money, their energy, into a vision at the same place and time!  
Some of us wait for unity, for everybody to do something.  Although that is ideal, what is real is most likely to happen: A critical mass will lead at a critical time.  Now is the time.  Let's call for a critical mass of 1 million people to join the Reparations Labor Union for $7.  We'd have to accomplish this by a particular time, like July 4, 2019.  
Who: The critical mass of 1 million people
What: $7 
When: By July 4, 2019
Why?  Because descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States can get reparations without waiting another 400 years for the courts, Congress, or the President to pay us what America owes us.  If we can't go through them for reparations, then we must go around them.  We can do like the indigenous/Native Americans who provide a product/service and receive reparations from that product/service.  The product/service provided by the indigenous/Native Americans are casinos.  The product/service we can provide is clean melanin energy.  


Melanin is valued at $400 a gram.  It is usually obtained from cuttlefish, a member of the octopus family.  However, melanin can be obtained from human hair, from living black humans' hair.  The technology exists to make melanin batteries.  One inventor has even made a melanin battery that can run for 100 years.  See
Dr. Arturo Solis Herrera, inventor of a melanin battery, and Afrofuturistic scientific philosophers have been/will be invited to the Reparations Summit.  We are working on getting a prototype of a melanin battery ready for the summit.  Get your ticket now!  Go to  A draft of the agenda for the Reparations Summit appears at  Let's sell out this event so we can bring these great speakers to town to discuss the future of melanin energy.  The future is now!  
It therefore follows that, in order to sell melanin batteries, we must make them.  The Reparations Labor Union owns Melanin Technology.  A $7 membership from 1 million members will gross $7 million, but we need the money from the critical mass within a critical time.  It does us no good if 1 million people pay $7 for reparations at one person per year, because then the time to get the $7 million would take 1 million years.  There are 45 million African-Americans right now.  We need a critical mass, only 1 million or less than 3% of us, to invest $7 in this vision right now.  We can and must do this now.  Let's not fail ourselves, our ancestor, and our children. If we wait, will someone else take our place and potential profits/reparations?  There are already patents for artificial or synthetic melanin.  Let's use our melanin to create our reparations!  
There will not be a meeting of NCOBRA-Detroit on Sunday, May 12, 2019, in order to enjoy Mother's Day.  However, NCOBRA-Detroit will meet on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. in the 7th floor Jewel Box of Spacelab Detroit, 607 Shelby, in Downtown Detroit.  In order to receive a temporary passcode for security entry, please RSVP at  Part of our agenda will include discussion of African Liberation Day at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History on May 24th and 25th and the NCOBRA National Convention on June 20-23, 2019.  Please register for the NCOBRA National Convention at
Have a Happy Mother's Day.  Please remember the black women who are not mothers because their children have been killed or they were denied the opportunity to give birth because of the CIA-drug-importation/mass incarceration/black genocide that has caused a severe shortage of black men.  Dr. Helen Moore has said that 70% of the black women in Detroit are NOT married.  I am one of them.  This isn't a choice.  It's an outrage!  At least I have a child, but many women don't.  This isn't the will of God.  This is the will of Satan.  Let's not be sheeple (sheep people) resigned to our slaughter.  We will not be defeated.  Together we shall win!

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