Meeting Notes for February 2020

Meeting Notes for February 2020

NCOBRA Detroit Meeting Agenda—February 9, 2020

11000 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48221

  1. Libations, Tribute to the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air by 2:45 p.m.
  2. Prayer for Stan, Marduke, Adelia’s mother, Billie, Queen Nzingha, Anita Belle, Charles Matthews, Aaron Broughton, and all those in need of healing by 2:55 p.m.
  3. Birthday wishes for Anita, Stan, and others born in February by 3:00 pm.
  4. The Sacred Woman Speaks—Queen Nzingha by 3:30 pm.
  5. Report of the Reparations Awareness Day Committee by 4:00 pm
  6. Reparations Endorsement Discussion for the March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary by 4:30 pm. Choices on the ballot are:

Candidates for President of the United States

Donald Trump (R) (Incumbent)

Joe Biden (D)

Michael Bloomberg (D)

Cory Booker (D)

Pete Buttigieg (D)

Julián Castro (D)

John Delaney (D)

Tulsi Gabbard (D)

Amy Klobuchar (D)

Michael Bennet (D)

Marianne Williamson (D)

Joe Sestak (D)

Tom Steyer (D): Endorsed

Elizabeth Warren (D)

Andrew Yang (D)

Joe Walsh (R)

Bernie Sanders (D)

Mark Sanford (R)

Bill Weld (R)

  1. Voter Justice challenger training for March 10th Primary TBA later by 4:45 pm
  2. Announcements by 4:55 pm:
  1. Membership in NCOBRA and offering
  2. The Potential Power in the Conscious Black Vote, February 16, 2020 at 6 pm, a free event at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History, 315 E. Warren, Detroit, MI.
  3. See for all events during Black History Month
  4. Liberation Film Series—“Gone to the Village”, Feb. 22, 2020 at 2 pm, a free event at the Museum of African American History.
  5. Reparations Awareness Day on February 25, 2020 at Nandi’s Knowledge Café, 71 Oakman Blvd., Highland Park, MI 48203
  6. Sankofa Film Theatre, Feb. 29, 2020 at 12 noon at Old Redford Library, 21200 Grand River, Detroit, 48219
  7. Next NCOBRA meeting on March 8, 2020 in Water/Pisces
  8. Join the Reparations Labor Union at org for more info about Melanin Tech’s upcoming women’s program
  9. Urban Information Network: For more info, contact Don Henderson at or call 313-610-3218.
  10. Other announcements:
  11. ADOS movie, “Reconstruction” night on Feb. 29th at 3-7 pm. Durfee Innovation Center, 2470 Collingwood St, Detroit, MI 48206.
  12. NAN March about Detroit overcharging property taxes on Good Friday, April 10, 2020 at noon down Woodward & W. Grand Blvd to CAYMC.
  13. Underground Railroad Tour, Feb. 21, 2020 at 10 am at First Congregational Church, 33 E. Forest in Detroit.
  1. Harambee Unity Circle and Adjournment by 5 pm.

Reparations Awareness Day 2020 Committee Meeting

Detroit/Highland Park

Meeting Date: 2/1/2020 online &

Approved by Chapter on February 9, 2020



Possible Venues:

Nandi’s Knowledge Café for $200 for 80 people:  71 Oakman Blvd, Highland Park, MI 48203


Proposed Program:

Mistress of Ceremonies—Muqarrabah Benham-Bey


Libations and Introductions—5 minutes

History of Reparations—10 minutes (Anita Belle)

HR 40—15 minutes (Stan Bragg)

ADOS: Reparations 101—30 minutes (Aaron Broughton)

Don’t Take the Chicken Dinner/Current Politics & Presidential Primary--25 minutes (Anita & Daisy)

Offering, Psychological Repair, & Spiritual Closing—10 minutes


Use Eventbrite to distribute free tickets for RSVP via social media.  Eventbrite link is or 

If raise more than $200 then split between co-sponsoring organizations

If raise less than $200, balance comes from co-sponsoring organizations



Discussed those on Michigan’s Presidential Primary ballot.  Whoever we endorse can be leveraged against the other Democratic candidates to push for reparations via a vice presidential or cabinet level appointment in the Executive Branch?  Endorsed Tom Steyer because he is willing to specifically acknowledge black people need and deserve reparations.  May invite him.


Announce about election challenger training.


Tables for co-sponsors and bring membership applications


Sponsoring Organizations for this year’s event:


Reparations Labor Union





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