Love Letter to Ferguson: Prepare to Exodus

Love Letter to Ferguson: Prepare to Exodus

On August 9, 2014, an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was killed by a white Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.  After weeks of protests that included Michael Brown’s parents speaking in Geneva, Switzerland to the United Nations Committee Against Torture, a grand jury was convened to decide whether to charge the police officer with murder. 

Ever since approximately Tuesday, November 18, 2014, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and has deployed the Missouri National Guard.  As Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che said in minute 2 of his Weekend Update that aired on November 22, 2014, Governor Nixon’s actions in deploying the National Guard is a spoiler alert.

I therefore interrupt my blog series about how the CIA imports and distributes illegal drugs and guns into America’s segregated black neighborhoods with this breaking news bulletin.  Black People of Ferguson, Missouri: Get Your Passports and Prepare to Exodus.

Don’t riot.  Loot.  Get arrested.  Get shot or pepper sprayed by the police.  Just join the Reparations Labor Union.  And pack.

Blacks are a nation within a nation.  We’ve endured slavery, Jim Crowism, discrimination, segregation, and are still oppressed.  Because American citizenship was imposed upon us, this makes us victims of domestic violence.  We are like the person routinely beaten in an abusive relationship.  We appeal to third parties, like the United Nations, to rescue us, but even bystanders wonder why we, as domestic violence victims, stay in abusive relationships.  We can rescue ourselves by leaving.

Next year, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of blacks in the United States being freed from slavery via the 13th Amendment.  If the 13th Amendment is true, and we’re really free, then we’re free to get passports and declare our independence from the abuse of the United States.  Why are we co-dependent on our abuser?  Do we subconsciously suffer from such low self-esteem that we believe we deserve to be enslaved, tortured, raped, systematically impoverished, assassinated, and otherwise bullied?

Black mothers need to look at this exodus as a chance to save our children.  Black women need to look at this exodus as a chance to save our men.  Our exodus is in the best interest of blacks’ national security.  Quite frankly, our exodus is ultimately in the best interest of American national security.  As nation within a nation, with citizenship imposed upon blacks, we cannot legally defend itself against police tyranny.   The police have been militarized, just in case of riots. 

I have friends who are cops.  Black cops.  I don't want them to have to choose to shoot their own people.  Neither do I want them shot by their own people.  The most peaceful and dignified way to prevent domestic violence, and black-on-black violence, is for blacks to leave America and repatriate back to Africa.

The election of Barack Obama as President did not make America a post-racial or color-blind society.  In fact, many overt acts of racism have been perpetrated against blacks during Obama’s Presidency, and against the President himself.  Racism in America poses a ticking time bomb, waiting to erupt into race riots.  Blacks need to leave in peace, and upon our exodus, negotiate a peace treaty with the United States.  Then, if an American breaks that treaty and assassinates any of our citizens, then we can call our deaths what they really are, namely, acts of war and genocide.  If we are being terrorized, as an independent nation, we have the right to defend ourselves. 

No matter what the Ferguson grand jury decides, blacks should get their passports and prepare to exodus.  Repatriation goes hand in hand with reparations.  Let’s end the co-dependency of our abusive relationship with the United States, declare our independence, and prepare to leave in peace.

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