Let My People Go

Let My People Go

Dear President Trump,

This is my 2nd letter. I received no response to my 1st letter of January 17, 2017.

Tonight will be the 2nd night of Passover. No doubt your daughter and her husband's family celebrated the 1st night of Passover last night. Perhaps you joined them. If you did then you heard again the story of God's chosen people being enslaved and oppressed in the greatest country on Earth at that time. You heard that God miraculously delivered those chosen people from their oppressors.

I wrote you before that the 400th anniversary of America's involvement in the enslavement and oppression of people of African descent takes place in 2019. People of African descent have a history that parallels that of God's chosen people in the Passover story. People of African descent also parallel the villains in that story, the Egyptians, because people of African descent are descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed in the third eye or Eye of Horus. That third eye is actually the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland has been called the seat of the soul. The pineal gland produces a neurotransmitter called melatonin, which chemically breaks down into melanin and serotonin. This melanin is then connected to the melanin or dark energy and dark matter of the Universe. Indeed, the people of African descent, the people with the most melanin in their bodies, including the pineal gland, are the people most connected to the heavens and heaven. In other words, the people of African descent are the Hebrews, God's chosen people.


Yes, the God of the Hebrews wants you to let God's people go so that we may serve God. Let us go from the jails and prisons. Let us go from the drugs that the CIA deliberately imports into segregated black neighborhoods to entrap us in crimes and enslave us with addiction. Let us go from the drugs by legalizing the drugs. And let us go with reparations. The Reparations Labor Union (RLU) has calculated that America owes each African-American $7 billion per person.

There is a way that America can pay the debt it owes each African-American without raising taxes. People of African descent can partner with NASA, through Melanin Technology Co., to open wormholes for space travel and trade. RLU owns Melanin Tech.

I would like to meet with you before the end of the Feast of Unleavened Bread at sundown on April 18, 2017. Please have your staff contact me as soon as possible.

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