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The Reparations Labor Union does not do the same thing the same way expecting different results. We have gone through America's courts and received no justice. We took our case to the United Nations and still await justice. We have taken our case to the heavens. The sun, Ra or RayRay, finds that Earth's wrongs against black, sun-kissed people is rebellion against him. Ra sends Hathor to punish those who rebelled against him.

The Greeks then Romans invaded and conquered Egypt. They also called Mars the God of War. The Egyptians called Mars "Heru Deshur". Heru's wife or consort was called Het Heru or Hathor. In the Egyptian story of "The Book of the Heavenly Cow", Hathor, Heru's wife, is the bloodthirsty Goddess of War. Het Heru means "House of Heru". 

Blacks can be peaceful and nonviolent Heru Shalom that warn Hathor is coming. We can warn that Mars is ours, the House of Heru. As the House of Heru, we are part owners of the Psyche Asteroid that is worth $10 quintillion. Hands off our reparations!

Be a part of the House of Heru. Get your joint membership in the Reparations Labor Union and the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA. Make your voice heard: Pay reparations NOW or abort the NASA/SpaceX Mission to Psyche.



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