From Physical Slavery to Pharmaceutical Slavery

From Physical Slavery to Pharmaceutical Slavery

Today’s Exodus Love Letter briefly piggybacks on yesterday’s blog about “The Unholy Trinity of Oil, Drugs, and Guns”.  See .

The Case for Reparations doesn’t just include blacks receiving reparations for slavery, Jim Crow, housing discrimination, and other racial discrimination in the past.  African-Americans deserve reparations for the racial discrimination and human rights violations experienced in the present, including the U.S. Government, through the CIA, deliberately importing drugs into America’s segregated black neighborhoods. 

Anita, you may say, President Bill Clinton declassifying a memorandum of understanding about the CIA and Department of Justice’s agreement to NOT prosecute CIA agents for drug trafficking doesn’t prove the drugs were placed in black neighborhoods. 

My evidence included the deathbed confession of an Army officer who claimed to be the money middleman between the CIA and certain Mafia families.  He said that, the CIA wanted narcotics to be deliberately distributed to black communities in order to replace physical slavery with 'pharmaceutical slavery.'”

This dying declaration of a witness, who died under “mysterious circumstances”, is corroborated by a second witness who was still very much alive at the time that my Nicaraguan Contras’ case was proceeding in federal court.  Next week, I’ll name some of the judges who shut down these important human rights cases, thereby rubberstamping the modern-day enslavement of African-Americans. 

Why next week?  Because it’s Friday and the sun is going down.  Jews observe the Sabbath at sundown.

The government officials guilty of conspiring to import illegal drugs for distribution in America’s segregated black neighborhoods are still alive.  The Reparations Labor Union’s proposal of voluntary reparations through a National Jubilee Lottery offers the guilty some redemption.  Although the federal judges refused to hold these government officials accountable, it is prophesied that the Supreme Judge of the Universe will. 

Will America’s government officials choose mercy and redemption, or will they harden their hearts, like Pharaoh, and refuse to let God’s people go?  Tune in next time for more of the Exodus Love Letters.

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