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The Judgment of Climate Change

What did I write my sweetheart in today's love letter?  I told him:

Thanks to a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision called "Citizens United", the Congress coming in January 2015 will be the best that money can buy!  Literally. 

Special interests groups related to oil barons like the Koch Brothers and Exxon Mobil spent more than $59 million to make sure that Members of Congress vote in favor of the Keystone Pipeline.  See http://bit.ly/1qXkTad .  The pipeline promises jobs.  "Good" jobs.  And they are telling the truth.  Jobs will be available, the job of digging your own grave. 

The lame duck Senate voted against the Keystone Pipeline.  If it had passed, President Obama promised to veto it.  The incoming Congress, controlled by a Republican majority, vowed a second Keystone Pipeline vote.  The Republicans have enough votes to pass it, but if the Democrats remain united, the Republicans do not have enough votes to override a Presidential veto.  

What does the Keystone Pipeline have to do with reparations?

There is an old saying, "As in the natural, so in the spiritual.  And vice versa."  In yesterday's blog, we talked about reparations being part of the prophecy of Genesis 15.  So is judgment upon those who enslaved and oppressed Abraham's children.  The climate change we're witnessing is part of the judgment.  The Keystone Pipeline would make the climate change judgment worse.  Much worse.

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Everything Old is New Again

Writing a blog is hard for me because, in order to be motivated or inspired to write, I need to envision my audience.  Envisioning that the audience is all black people is too large.  The audience has to be smaller, more personal, more focused.  So I’ll narrow down the audience as if I’m writing a love letter to my sweetheart. 

Black women love a good love story.  Black men love a good adventure.  Both are in The Exodus Love Letters.

My love letters are written to a black man.  With a good job.  Trying to juggle black consciousness while keeping his job.  And I’m trying to convince him about reparations.  And repatriation.

Stories must have a conflict that needs resolution.  My love story is no different: He wants to stay in America.  I want to go.  Are some things bigger than the love between a man and a woman?  Yes.  And no.

Everything old is new again.  God is telling Moses to tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go.  Reparations was secondary.  Most important was that the children of Israel had to leave Egypt.  Moses didn’t ask for Pharaoh to simply free the slaves and allow them to stay in Egypt.  God didn’t command simply their freedom.  He commanded the children of Israel to go to the Promised Land.


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