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Got Melanin? Earn Bank!


The King of Mars says \

Braxton Vanzant Davis plays the King of Mars, coming through the Detroit Stargate, with Melanin Super Powers.

This proposal was initially made to NCOBRA-National, but the organization's leadership responded that the project was beyond its budget capabilities. I then forwarded the project to the Detroit Reparations Task Force as a means of generating reparations through economic development. Even though items of the proposal are very time-sensitive, I have been asked to be patient until the task force is better organized. Meanwhile, deadlines are passing while others are profiting off of our melanin.

If time is money, I can't afford to let deadlines pass, so I'm selling my house to raise money to make the Melanin Bank Proposal a reality. Buy my house now, for $1 million USD, at https://exodustomars.net/products/house-in-detroit. Unfortunately, because I will be homeless, the Melanin Bank wouldn't be in Detroit. I would take it with me to Africa.

See the Melanin Bank proposal below.

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Researching Foreclosures in Detroit

Reparations is personal. And so is its coverup and obstruction.

I am one of the black Detroiters whose generational wealth was stolen when my mother's house, in Detroit City Council District 1, was forfeited due to over-taxation in 2015. That house is now worth $95,000. I am one in 140,000 Detroit owes reparations but who are the others?

I proposed that the Detroit Reparations Task Force investigate evictions, foreclosures, and forfeitures from 2005-2017. The proposal follows below.

The proposal calls for researching available records that are 6-18 years old. Many agencies destroy records after 7 years, but one place that most likely still  houses the evidence of discrimination against black Detroiters is the Wayne County Clerk's office. Will the Detroit Reparations Task Force issue a FOIA Request for those records or do everything else but look there? In other words, is the Task Force part of a cover up?

Tune in Friday, April 28th at 4 pm for another episode of the Keith Williams Show starring the Michigan Democratic Party. Otherwise, known as the Detroit Reparations Task Force. Location TBA.

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Continuing the Fight for Our Inheritance

The Continued Fight for 
Our Inheritance
It has been six months since my last loveletter/newsletter from the Reparations Labor Union.  After the last publication in Leo on August 9, 2019, I became sick during the process of buying a house in which to take care of my parents.  I was hospitalized for five days, but the doctors claimed to not know what was wrong with me.  After discharge from the hospital, I helped my parents close on their house in September.  We moved in and consolidated two households in October.  My father, Hugh Lee Belle, ascended in Sagittarius on December 10, 2019, and was buried on December 18, 2019.  
My 93 year-old father, a life insurance salesman with a Certified Life Underwriter's degree, was disciplined enough to pay for his life insurance policy for nearly 30 years.  In my typical call-them-out/whistleblower fashion, I am announcing that Constitution Life Insurance Company has paid the funeral home and all associated vendors, but nearly two months after his death, this company still has NOT paid my father's beneficiary.  Boycott Constitution Life Insurance Company because this practice continues the variation on the theme of whites stealing blacks' wealth while alive and our inheritance after death.  


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The Fifth Dimension

I am not an artist, but thank God for Excel.  I'm learning how to use this program to draw the visions that I see when I awaken from sleep.

Last night's metaphysical vision is based upon two "assumptions".  First, is from one hero, Nikola Tesla, who said that the secret of the Universe is energy, frequency, and vibration.  The second is a modification of NASA's interpretation of the Universe, the modification being that NASA claim the majority of the Universe is dark energy.  I modified the term "dark" to black.

The Universe


Last night's vision picks up from yesterday's blogpost about money is a form of energy.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided to "draw" it for you.  

Time, Space, and Energy are One


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Melanin Energy

From the May 2019 newsletter, an idea for self-reparations through Melanin Tech's melanin energy.

Pictured above is a Venn Diagram of Time, Space, and Money.  The old adage is that time is money.  This isn't really true.  Money is merely a form of energy.  Specifically, money is a form of energy that monetizes time.  The monetization of time is part of the reason why blacks' labor/work/energy of a lifetime was stolen.  However, imagine the power of the same people who use their money, their energy, into a vision at the same place and time!  
Some of us wait for unity, for everybody to do something.  Although that is ideal, what is real is most likely to happen: A critical mass will lead at a critical time.  Now is the time.  Let's call for a critical mass of 1 million people to join the Reparations Labor Union for $7.  We'd have to accomplish this by a particular time, like July 4, 2019.  
Who: The critical mass of 1 million people
What: $7 
When: By July 4, 2019
Why?  Because descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States can get reparations without waiting another 400 years for the courts, Congress, or the President to pay us what America owes us.  If we can't go through them for reparations, then we must go around them.  We can do like the indigenous/Native Americans who provide a product/service and receive reparations from that product/service.  The product/service provided by the indigenous/Native Americans are casinos.  The product/service we can provide is clean melanin energy.  


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Exodus from Willie Lynch

I started publishing the newsletters that I email.  The last installment was from the email sent out in March 2019.  It discussed Willie Lynch's letter regarding how to keep a people perpetually enslaved for at least 300 years through the Machiavellian strategy of divide and conquer.  Under the Hegelian dialectic, since the purpose of the divide and conquer is thesis and antithesis, then there must also be a synthesis.  The synthesis under Lynch's perpetual enslavement mind control is to make the slaves only love and trust their white masters.

Willie Lynch purportedly wrote his letter to the slaveholders in Jamestown, Virginia in 1712.  Three hundred years later is 2012.  Slavery supposedly ended in 1865, but that myth was debunked in https://www.bellevision2020.com/13thamendmentinvalidity.  For now, let's say that delaying reparations for 150+ years is definitely justice denied.  It shouldn't even be argued that reparations are no longer due because no one living in 1865 is still alive in 2019.  (See https://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/Reparations-What-a-lovely-gift-to-the-Republican-13709952.php.)  That's precisely the point of justice delayed is justice denied!  You can't use latches or a self-serving statute of limitations as grounds for saying reparations are no longer due.  That's unjust enrichment and insult on top of injury!  Moreover, if slavery wasn't effectively outlawed on a federal level because the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution are invalid, then there are potentially 45 million descendants of enslaved Africans who are still slaves in America and entitled to reparations.  The flaws in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments need to be repaired before these flaws are used against people of African descent.

Here it is, 400 years since slavery began in the British colony that became the United States, and African-Americans are still proving Willie Lynch right: We don't need chains on our hands, feet, and neck anymore.  We still have chains on our minds through Willie Lynch-mind control.  We're still waiting for a Great White Hope or Messiah or (Great White Hopes and Messiahs) to save us as opposed to trusting each other and saving ourselves (and them).  Will we wait another 400 years or exodus from the curse of Willie Lynch mind control?

What follows below is the April 2019 newsletter.

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Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Harriet Tubman

Pictured above is our ancestor Harriet Tubman.  She was the Moses of her people.  When we call her name, as in pouring libations, we resurrect her.  Although she never said this, she is often misquoted as saying, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
Focus on the part of the saying, "If only they knew they were slaves."  Some people don't know that they're slaves.  The Willie Lynch Syndrome has hypnotized them with mind control.  I blew the whistle about slavery technically being still legal in the United States in https://www.bellevision2020.com/13thamendmentinvalidity.  The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution supposedly outlawed slavery, but what if that amendment was not properly proposed and passed?  Will revealing this truth make us free to repair the 13th Amendment and thus enact reparations?  Or will blacks rather continue distrusting each other, and trusting whites to not act on the flaws in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments until American Hitlers come along who will declare slavery is still constitutional, we have no citizenship, equal rights, or voting rights, and thereby put chains on us again?  
Shall we, like the Jews, say "Never Again"?
Willie Lynch outlined a divide-and-conquer scheme that he estimated would work 300 years, maybe thousands of years.  See http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/Willie_Lynch_letter_The_Making_of_a_Slave.shtml.  As predicted by Willie Lynch, during this 400th anniversary of slavery in the British colony that became the United States, the descendants of enslaved Africans are still self-perpetuating the Machiavellian strategy of divide and conquer, while at the same time only loving and trusting the ones who oppress us and cause us to distrust one another.
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Reparations: The Love Story

Below are the notes from the sermon I taught at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit, 4605 Cass Avenue, on July 9, 2017.  I expounded on this sermon at the meeting of the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA that took place later on the same day.  The sermon was entitled, "Reparations: The Love Story".  Also attached is the Fact Sheet on Reparations in America.

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Let My People Go

Dear President Trump,

This is my 2nd letter. I received no response to my 1st letter of January 17, 2017.

Tonight will be the 2nd night of Passover. No doubt your daughter and her husband's family celebrated the 1st night of Passover last night. Perhaps you joined them. If you did then you heard again the story of God's chosen people being enslaved and oppressed in the greatest country on Earth at that time. You heard that God miraculously delivered those chosen people from their oppressors.

I wrote you before that the 400th anniversary of America's involvement in the enslavement and oppression of people of African descent takes place in 2019. People of African descent have a history that parallels that of God's chosen people in the Passover story. People of African descent also parallel the villains in that story, the Egyptians, because people of African descent are descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed in the third eye or Eye of Horus. That third eye is actually the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland has been called the seat of the soul. The pineal gland produces a neurotransmitter called melatonin, which chemically breaks down into melanin and serotonin. This melanin is then connected to the melanin or dark energy and dark matter of the Universe. Indeed, the people of African descent, the people with the most melanin in their bodies, including the pineal gland, are the people most connected to the heavens and heaven. In other words, the people of African descent are the Hebrews, God's chosen people.


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Swing Low Sweet Chariot

I am the attorney for the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Cases, the lawsuits that sued America's Central Intelligence Agency for deliberately importing illegal drugs for distribution through segregated black neighborhoods and causing harm to all Americans.  I am also the President of the Reparations Labor Union.  (When asked why should black people today receive reparations for slavery, I ask which slavery, the one that took place 150+ years ago, and/or the one going on right now?)  

The human rights of people of African descent in the United States are being violated.  We've taken our case through the courts.  When I sent the case to the United Nations International Court of Justice, and it arrived on September 11, 2001 (yes, that same September 11th!), I was informed that only a nation-state that signed the United Nations' anti-genocide treaty could represent the plight of African-Americans in the World Court.  I informed Canada when I sought political asylum there in 2003-2006.  I've since written the Israeli ambassador, the Russian ambassador, and ambassadors of numerous African nations.  No response permitting blacks refugee status.  After all, America isn't just 50 states and a few territories.  America is an empire with 800 military bases in at least 135 countries, and thus has control or influence in 70% of the nations on this planet.  Who dares take on this Empire and charge them with black genocide?  

Thankfully, I've discovered that my DNA descends from the Nile Valley, so I've been learning the traditions of my East African ancestors.  Although my official religion is Judaism, because some of my DNA is also Sephardic, my mitochondrial DNA from Ethiopia descends further back than 6000 years.  I am traveling back in time all the way back to Egypt where I am discovering the real Sion, the Sion that is a portmanteau or mashword of Sirius (Isis/Auset) and Orion (Osiris/Ausar).  I am discovering the similarities between Hebrew and the Medu Neter, the language of the Egyptians that the Greeks called hieroglyphics.  My DNA also descends from the Great Kingdom Mali in West Africa and the Dogon, the people who have long held that beings from Sirius visited Earth.  I, along with my ancestors who sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" are asking for the "angels", the extraterrestrials from SiOn, (Sirius and Orion), to swing low and deliver us from our enemies.


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