African American Genocide Complaint to the UN

Welcome to the ongoing love story about reparations. We’re in the chapter called “Frenemies”: Who are our true friends versus false friends? Who are our true enemies versus false enemies/adversaries? Who truly loves us versus who truly hates blacks? This chapter is being written by the whistle-blowing author of “Revealing Mistaken Identities”: Let’s blow the whistle on some of the true versus fake friends, foes, and adversaries.

On February 24, 2022, I, Anita Belle, filed a Notice of Intent for filing a human rights complaint with the United Nations about the United States committing genocide against African Americans. On the same day, Detroit’s black Democrats threw a reparations meeting. Black Democrats then boycotted/blackballed/blacklisted Reparations Awareness Day Belle, including every single Democrat specifically invited to attend on February 25-26, 2022. It’s not a coincidence that, while discussing the genocide of African Americans, every single American elected official and mason, including the black ones, was absent. During the Reparations Awareness Day presentation about black genocide, I discussed the masonic oath to conceal the crimes of their fellow masons, including the crimes of murder/genocide and treason. I accused black masons of covering up the genocide of their fellow blacks to protect white masons, partly out of loving their masters, partly because they receive bribes/compensation/better jobs and better credit if they sellout non-masonic blacks, and partly out of blackmail that their crimes which were concealed would be prosecuted. The same is true with reparations, that black masons will sabotage or water down reparations to protect white grandmaster masons in exchange for slightly better treatment and privilege than what’s afforded to black non-masons. 

To begin, the UN wants cases that exhausted domestic measures, meaning they have been appealed through the highest courts in the land where the human rights occurred. Secondly, the United Nations specifically asks whether the complaint was made to other human rights bodies.

On March 17, 2022, I submitted more to the formal complaint to the United Nations. Two cases in which I was a plaintiff were appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Both cases alleged genocide and reparations. Both also sued the masonic lodge as co-Defendant with the United States. Both cases were dismissed by masonic judges, one white, the other black, even though both judges were moved to disclose their masonic affiliation and disqualify themselves due to judicial bias in favor of the defendants. Both cases were appealed yet the appellate courts rubber-stamped the judicial bias and the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari or refused to hear the case, thus exhausting domestic measures. I fled to Canada out of fear of my life and presented the human rights complaint to the Canadian refugee board, but the masons are an international organization. My refugee claim was ultimately denied so that I ended up back in the country that’s genociding my people under masonic cover up. For all I know, there are masons in the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights that will continue the coverup of black genocide. 

A redacted copy of the updated human rights complaint appears here. The attachments will be added as redactions are completed to protect the privacy and safety of nonpublic figures.

Meanwhile, the masons in the U.S. and Canada are scrambling to cover up my human rights complaints to both courts. At the same time, this frenemy has given the black masons their black balls back by suing them. How? Never mind if Russia or China sponsors blacks' genocide complaint. More importantly, black masons and elected officials are now suspect if they urge blacks to fight for NATO without first securing meaningful reparations for blacks and a cessation of all genocidal and human rights violations against non-masonic blacks. NATO presents itself as the treaty organization of Earth's western democracies, but some of these "democracies" democratically decided to enslave, invade, colonize, exploit, and genocide people of African descent for the benefit of white people. These "democracies" hypocritically brand Russia as "fascist", yet Russian "fascists" never enslaved Africans or colonized Africa. Consequently, who is the friend versus who is the enemy of Africa and Africans throughout the diaspora? If African Americans are truly free from slavery and genocide, as black masons pretend, then we are free to conscientiously object to fighting another war for our slave masters/colonizers/genociders. Matter of fact, we are therefore free enough to declare we want reparations NOW! Indeed, we want a reparations amount and human rights guarantee satisfactory enough for me to withdraw the genocide case. Otherwise, I'm urging Africans in the Motherland and diaspora to remain neutral. What's in it for us to be dragged into a nuclear world war over oil? What's in it for us to fight for the people who have been killing us?

Once upon a time, when there were more whites, they could just go to war by themselves because there were enough poor whites to make an army. However, whites are dwindling in the U.S. population to the point that in less than 20 years, blacks and Hispanics would be the majority in the U.S. Donald Trump leads the poor whites. They believe the 2020 election was rigged for the Democrats, so the poor whites don't want to fight if Biden is their commander-in-chief. Consequently, the Democrats need blacks and Hispanics to fight a nuclear world war for oil without paying us reparations or give us voting rights. We're supposed to be happy with Juneteenth as a holiday and a law making it illegal to lynch us, as if masons will ever be prosecuted for any crime. They are above the law. Masonic judges ensure this. So after being genocided, we're suppose to go kill for our killers people who don't have a history of killing blacks. If it wasn't so sad, this would be funny.

Where is the love story in reparations? In "Exodus To Mars", the King of Mars and the husband of the non-masonic Queen of the Sky is played by a Prince Hall mason. Does the show go on? What if the black genocide and reparations case, Rosser-El et al v. United States et al, the case dismissed by a black Masonic judge, is dropped from the United Nations complaint, leaving only the white masons on the hook for African Americans' genocide? Welcome to the new reality TV. Tune in tomorrow...

Reparations is a matter of national security. Whites need to pay it. If black masons are going to help white masons save their money that they stole from black people, then they better also help them build a robot army. As the one accusing the United States, masons, and other nations of black genocide, there is no amount of reparations satisfactory for me to volunteer my only son to fight for our oppressors. Neutrality is non-negotiable. However, blacks' melanin could be used as an clean, renewable, biotech energy source in exchange for reparations and the cessation of genocide. Otherwise, let whites fight their own oil wars and achieve mutually assured destruction. 

Let's understand a little European geography and law: Ukraine is a nation that borders Russia. Ukraine wanted to be a part of NATO, but NATO is Russia's "enemy", so pro-Russian factions of the Ukraine rebelled and Russia liberated them. That's their story and they're sticking to it. However, Poland borders the Ukraine and Poland is a part of NATO. The war in the Ukraine is only 40 miles away from the Polish border. If a Russian missile hits Poland, NATO will go to defend. That's how easily there could be World War 3. Yet it gets worse: Remember the joke, "I can see Russia from my house."

Just in case you forgot this little bit of geography, Russia is separated from Alaska by the Bering Strait, a body of water that, at its narrowest, is approximately 50 miles wide. Global warming is melting the polar ice caps, but ice is easier to cross than water. Long story short, America entering a war with Russia can easily result in bombing, if not invasion, of American soil through Alaska. The war in Europe can easily get nuclear-crazy and spill over into the United States and Canada.

I recommend blacks on America's west coast urgently start heading east. I recommend Africa remain neutral in this coming world war and that African-Americans immediately repatriate back/exodus to Africa. Especially while the pandemic is in a lull and the borders are open. Leave before the next coronavirus surge, if you can. Black Jews in America should let Israel be the new "Underground Railroad" and declare Aliyah, going to Israel before the next coronavirus surge and nuclear world war. Israel, like Africa, should also remain neutral. Muslim nations should remain neutral and black Muslims exodus to Muslim nations. Go wherever you can without reparations, just in case our reparations are coming from an unexpected source. African Americans should make our goal to be to leave America before 2024 and the Second Coming of the Trump Messiah. Get out while there's a lull in the coronavirus and the war.

Some people are afraid of my scripts because they manifest. I see visions. I prefer the comedies, but I see the dramas, too. For example, African Americans are the key to war with soldiers. We are the Martians, the gods of war, the warriors. Just look at our sons. My son is 6 foot 5. A troop of soldiers looking like my son is more intimidating than a troop of soldiers looking like Howdy Doody. (I'm showing my age. Google Howdy Doody.) But this ain't World War 2: Black masons can't convince non-mason blacks, after a pandemic, that we'll get reparations when we get back from a nuclear world war. Fooled us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Get us reparations first, but how much do you think menopausal black mothers want for their only sons? So I see America helping NATO by nuking Russia, knowing that missiles are programmed to counter other nuclear missiles, thus leading to Russia nuking America and the deaths of African Americans in those cities. Just putting it out there now: America started it to trick black folks into fighting a nuclear World War 3. Before that happens, get out of America. Get your sons out, if you can. The way child support laws are rigged, your sons probably can't leave this country even if their children are adults. If the 13th Amendment is real and blacks are free from slavery, then why can men be forced to go to war? Are blacks truly free from slavery? If not, why can't we have our freedom and reparations now? Why are blacks being asked to fight Russia when our real enemies are still right here? If my 3rd Eye sees this future about to happen, then an African American genocide case in the United Nations is not 20 years late, but right on time for our exodus. Does America tell African Americans to either kill or be killed? If so, we can conscientiously object on the grounds of black genocide.


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