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Join the Reparations Labor Union and make it the largest labor union on Earth.  Reparations is a debt owed.  As of 2017, the Reparations Labor Union has calculated that America owes each African-American $7 billion.  We are a union of debt collectors.  Our strength is in our solidarity.  

A debt of $7 billion per 45 million African-Americans could bankrupt America.  There are 5.22 more whites than blacks in America.  If 51% of the white population is female, then white men earn $21 per hour and white women $17 per hour.  This calculates to $94,135.392 for 2.6622 women and the balance of 2.5578 men for a total of $205,860.096 per year.  At that rate, it would take white Americans at least 34,003.68 years to repay blacks.

When faced with the alternative, it would behoove whites to negotiate paying their debt with land.  The U.S. federal government doesn't own enough land to pay each African-American the promised land of 40 acres and a mule, but the U.S. owns enough non-military federal land to pay each black 13.48 acres.  That's a start!

Become a Reparations Labor Union member for the cost of $7 per year.  One of the benefits of membership is a 50% discount to the online courses at www.melanintech.com.  These online courses will teach union members on how to detoxify their bodies and program the melanin in their hair in order to sell their melanin on www.melanintech.comMelanin currently sells for $396 per gram.  That price should increase dramatically as black hair and plasma remembers its roots and becomes aligned with the chakras in order to perform the miracles of healing, telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. Indeed, as black blood and plasma form the foundation of healing the coronavirus, your membership assures that your blood or plasma reparations products receive priority should you or a loved one be prescribed such healing by a medical professional. We, as a Reparations Labor Union, are ensuring our fair share of healing derived from our body products as opposed to medical apartheid. We, as the Reparations Labor Union, are ensuring that blacks are properly compensated for past and present pimping of our bodies, or that we form our own Great Lakes Plasma donation center.

If you are an African American who has donated plasma within the past 30 days, join the Reparations Labor Union for $1 at https://reparationslaborunion.nationbuilder.com/1forplasmadonors.

If you are at least 1/8 African descent, join the Reparations Labor Union NOW!  Get ready for the "revolution"!

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