Reparations Slate

The Reparations Slate is devoted to the single issue of reparations.  Reparations is broadly defined as "to repair".  People of African descent are in need of repair for the wrongs inflicted by one of the greatest crimes against humanity, that being the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  Reparations includes not just righting past wrongs but also preventing wrongs from recurring in the future.

The Reparations Slate is beginning in Wayne County, Michigan for the 2018 Midterm Elections.  The questionnaire for candidates is being emailed and mailed, yet it is also available online at Reparations Questionnaire.     

Please return the Reparations Slate Questionnaire by Friday, June 7, 2018.  Candidates selected for endorsement will be notified via email and telephone to support the slate.  The slate will also be supported by the Reparations Labor Union's 4Rs PAC, the four Rs being reparations, reciprocity, and racial reconciliation.  

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