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Merkabucks are the digital currency for reparations.  Its value is based upon the blood, sweat, and tears of African slaves in the United States; consequently, each Merkabuck is worth $1 billion USD.

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Many people are eligible for Merkabucks, but only a few may be brave enough to possess one.  Why?  Because, as a digital currency, although it is legal to possess Merkabucks, doing so will have you marked for espionage and sabotage by the government and religious institutions that support white supremacy.  In fact, this Merkabucks Application has been sabotaged by the NSA to delay or prevent the Merkabucks from being circulated to those eligible.

You're eligible to receive a Merkabuck if:

  • You are descended from an African captive of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
  • You are an African or African-descendant whose land was colonized by Europeans.

If you are brave and eligible, complete the application below.

To learn more about the Merkabucks, watch the following video.



Do you swear, affirm, certify, or agree, under penalty of perjury or fraud, that by submitting this application for the Merkabucks digital currency for reparations, you are at least 1/8 descended from African captives of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, or at least 1/8 descended from Africans colonized by Europe?

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