Our strength is in solidarity.  

There are approximately 45 million people of African descent in the United States alone.  We don't need each one of them to unify on our reparations' agenda.  Our critical mass goal is 1 million members per year, or a little more than 2% of the African-American population.  However, Reparations Labor Union membership isn't restricted to African-Americans.  People of African descent from anywhere on Earth are encouraged to join, yet our organizing target is America's "blackest" city, Detroit, Michigan.  

Donate to the Reparations Labor Union so that we can endorse and provide financial support to political candidates and ballot initiatives that align with our reparations' agenda.  Donate so that the labor union can finance Melanin Technology Company.  The Reparations Labor Union owns 90% of the stock in Melanin Tech, and Melanin Tech will be one of the businesses that raise the money for our private reparations.  Donate so that the Reparations Labor Union can lobby current political officials and publicly-traded corporate executives to align with or partner with our reparations' vision by partnering with Melanin Tech.  Indeed, if corporations are "people", then the "carrot" for our working together must be more profitable than the "stick" of not working together.  However, donate so that, if necessary, we can message regarding work stoppages and/or boycotts that target those who refuse to pay the reparations' debt owed.

Reparations is a form of economic freedom.  Freedom isn't free.  Our ancestors have paid a tremendous cost by planting the seeds of our reparatory freedom.  It is our honor and our duty to harvest the strange fruit they planted.  Don't let another generation perish in poverty.  Help us reap the reparations we righteously deserve.  Join the Reparation Labor Union NOW!

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