A person voting in Detroit's elections must live in Detroit.  A person cannot live on a vacant lot after the house has been demolished.  Consequently, the Reparations Labor Union will challenge Detroit registered voters whose addresses match the list of addresses on Detroit's demolition list.  

For the list, CLICK HERE.

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  • commented 2018-01-01 18:01:46 -0500
    Hi Anita, Thank you for your persistence and commitment to Reparations. I would like to let you know about MceZ.org. We empower voices to be heard by conducting How to Write Your Elected Official Workshops and publishing those letters on our website in Mcezupedia with or without a response from the EO. We are epecially powerful for groups such as yours who want to inform and educate others and has at least one member who likes to write letters. The following link takes you to Mcezupedia https://www.mcez.org/mcezupedia-letters.html. Also, we invite you to downlard a free version of the Workshop herehttps://www.mcez.org/script.html . I am in Detroit often, so please feel free to give me a call at 231.250.9020 (Eunice Beck). We hope to hear from you. Thanks, again, for your steadfast dedication to this cause.
  • commented 2017-12-31 10:37:17 -0500
    Good morning Staff, and in particular, Anita Belle. I rather appreciate the work you, Guys, are doing, but I also believe that we can, and we should, stop talking about reparations and start sending signals to the companies that have benefited from slavery (banks in particular) that we are going to default on our loans in 2018 (education, credit cards, cars, home, health… etc). This can be done by bringing all our black lawyers on our side so as to make it all legal. By now, we should have identified (and we did) more than 30 companies, banks and firms that became filthy rich as a result of the Slave Trade.
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